The health advantages of garlic have been acknowledged for a long time. Nowadays, you have the option to use garlic supplements in order to get the same benefits of this herb without the unwanted effects, such as bad breath. In this website, you will learn all the benefits and recommendations regarding this dietary supplement.

Why garlic boosts your health?

Garlic generates a chemical substance known as allicin. This is exactly what appears to make this herbal cure work for several health problems. Allicin is also the responsible of the classic odor. Some of the generic dietary supplements are made “odorless” by ageing this herb, but this technique may also make the healing properties less efficient. For this reason, it is smart to search for garlic pills which are coated, since they retain the healing properties, but avoid the side effects by breaking down in the intestinal tract and not in your stomach.

Advantages of using supplements

Despite the fact that garlic is 100% natural, it isn’t always free from unwanted effects. For many people, these unwanted effects are merely irritating. Nevertheless, this herb can occasionally cause severe side effects as well, usually when used at high volumes. For this reason, is important to follow the indications from the supplement’s manufacturer.

The most frequent unwanted effects of this herb are of gastrointestinal origin. They range from absence of appetite, irritated stomach, diarrhea, nausea, bloating, and vomiting. This herb can also cause halitosis (bad breath) and annoying body odor. Most of these problems can be avoided by using premium garlic capsules.

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Which Allicin supplement should I choose?

When choosing a product that contains allicin, there are a couple of vital considerations to note. First, it is vital to make sure that the product offers a sufficient level of Allicin. Since this element is not really an ingredient of the product, the manufacturers typically describe the Allicin yield or potential.

The previous terms suggest the amount of Allicin produced when allinase is activated in the garlic tablet or powder, but several independent studies have noted that this process is highly inefficient, yielding only a very little fraction of the claimed yield/potential in reality.

Because Allicin powder extracts are the only ones to provide a standardized amount of Allicin that is stable and can be used directly by the body, these type of products are a much better choice. Such products are becoming more prevalent now, as they are the first natural products to actually provide a noticeable therapeutic benefit.

How much allicin should I consume?

When selecting a supplement, make sure that it contains at least 180 milligrams of Allicin powder. With more such contending products entering the marketplace, keep an eye out for the actual Allicin strength, as this could vary from item to item, depending upon how advanced the product’s stabilization process is.

Additional Recommendations

  • Try to buy Allicin powder extract: remember that this product is the only proved way to get a standardized and stable quantity of Allicin that is ready to be used by your body right away.
  • Enteric coated garlic pills: If Allicin powder is not available, try to look for enteric coated pills, which have at least a small chance of producing some Allicin, although the quantity developed will seldom be of healing value.
  • Always review the labels: Several tests suggest a large variation amongst commercially available garlic supplements. As mentioned before, most allicin products do not include this substance. Some products include a certain quantity of alliin and will list the theoretical Allicin potential. Some supplements declare to contain as much or more Allicin as everyday dosage of a fresh clove.