Aged Garlic Extract Supplements

While allicin is typically considered the most effective active component in garlic, nevertheless, it’s challenging to package for sale in shops: it’s volatile and hard to handle. Partially because of these problems, there is a great deal of research into the possible wellness advantages of garlic supplements that don’t include allicin.

Among the best allicin supplements we can find the aged garlic extract (AGE). This product is marketed beneath the brand name Kyolic.

aged garlic extractAGE includes an array of anti-oxidants that may act to safeguard cells against oxidative damages, therefore assisting to reduce the danger of heart problems, stroke, cancer cells and Alzheimer’s illness. It can also safeguard against harmful, tissue-damaging consequences of UV light exposure, drugs utilized in any treatment and chemicals in the surroundings.

What Is Aged Garlic Extract?

AGE is, as the name suggests, created by aging garlic: it’s sliced up, macerated and kept in water or alcohol for approximately 2 years prior to being used as a nutritional supplement.

The resulting aged garlic extract doesn’t include allicin, but is rich in water dissolvable phytochemicals like diallyl sulphides; these compounds are able to deliver similar benefits when compared with allicin.

Aged Garlic Extract vs Allicin

There is certainly a lot of argument between which one is better. There are several studies revealing that both have positive effects on health, but those results are not enough to state that one is “better”. In reality, it will depend on the personal situation of a person.

What we can say about AGE is that it has the benefit of not causing the breath to smell. It may likewise be preferable if you are sensitive to allicin or are taking medicine which cannot be used along with garlic. The best way to know for sure is to try both types of garlic supplements and see which one makes you feel healthier.

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