Allicin supplements: Don’t be fooled by the manufacturer

In some cases, allicin is not in the supplement at all; this can be discovered when you find “Allicin potential” or “Allicin yield” in the description of the product. For this reason, the best garlic supplement that actually works can be hard to find.

These terms suggest the quantity of allicin produced when allinase is triggered in the garlic tablet or powder, but a number of independent studies have verified that this procedure is extremely ineffective, yielding just an extremely small portion of the declared yield/potential.

Choosing the right allicin products

allicinAllicin powder extracts are a much better choice because they are the only ones to deliver a standardized quantity of allicin that is stable and can be used directly by the body.

Nowadays, most garlic supplements are using this powder extract. Conventional garlic supplements which use other type of ingredients are being replaced by these superior products, because they are the first garlic products that provide significant health benefits for the users.

Why Allicin is so important?

When garlic is crushed or cut, a chain reaction begins and the very first substance which is produced is called allicin. Unfortunately, this substance is usually unstable and quickly transforms into other compounds.

Allicin is the substance which is responsible of the antibacterial and antiviral features of garlic. This substance is able to boost your immune system and increase your overall health.

Popular products containing allicin

  • Allimax / Allimed
  • Alli-C
  • Garlique

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